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5 Best Luxury Dog Houses! (202)

Buying guide for choosing a luxury dog ​​house

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To save you both time and money, our insightful buyer’s guide will point you in the right direction and discuss the key aspects of what to look for before making a decision.

Some might be obvious, but you’d be surprised at how often the basics and simple necessities are overlooked, as today’s consumer is automatically drawn to price levels and fast delivery dates that shouldn’t be prioritized over the following core areas of your search for the perfect luxury dog ​​house;


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Puppies need an even more durable dog house than an older dog who does little more than hang out and relax all day. Your dog’s energy levels will tell you how important sustainability is in your quest.

Still, just because you have a calmer dog doesn’t mean you don’t have to think about sustainability at least once. The doghouse needs to be reliable enough that it won’t break as soon as your furry friend jumps in.

Forget the dog house that will last for many years – if it’s not durable enough to withstand a few hours of your dog, you may be lucky if it lasts its first weekend. Whether your dog house is made of plastic or wood, it should be ready for scratching, chewing, and anything else your dog does when you’re not around.

Used materials

The plastic dog houses that we have included in our list mainly have vents that prevent the dog house from getting too hot. However, if you are looking for a dog house that is not on our list, it is important that it is sufficiently ventilated if it is made of plastic.

In many cases, wood is the best material to purchase your dog house in. However, it is possible to use a plastic dog house in the summer, provided there is air ventilation in the walls.

Dog houses are usually made of wood or plastic. Plastic is generally more durable and usable in the winter. However, wood breathes in the summer and is much more breathable than plastic. It is also less likely to trap heat in the doghouse.

Adaptability and versatility

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Plastic dog houses can be used all year round. During the rainy or snowy season, the plastic dog house can act as a shelter for your dog. So, depending on whether you want the dog house to be usable all year round or not, you should consider which material is best for you and your dog.

Without mentioning the obvious, wooden dog houses are best for summer. However, wood can easily become damp and rot if left in cold and damp weather. Unless the wood is properly sealed and insulated, it will not be usable in the winter. It will also need to be replaced before next summer when all the wooden beams start to rot.

Color schemes and changes

If you use your dog house in the spring or summer months, you want it to be made of light-colored materials. Light-colored materials reflect sunlight instead of absorbing it, which means the inside of the dog house needs to stay cooler.

During the colder months, of course, the opposite effect plays, where you need more insulation and possibly want to change colors and materials.

Opting for a dark colored roof will absorb and retain more of the heat in the dog house, making it a much less comfortable environment for your dog. If you want to use a dog house in the summer, look for one made of white or light gray materials, then turn it over for the colder months.

It may suit you to choose one that is suitable for all seasons or to change out as the weather changes.

Doghouse size

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To find the right dog house size, you can measure their favorite dog bed and make sure that the house you choose is at least this size. A dog house that is too small will cause them to curl up tighter and may even become warmer due to the lack of space.

The more spacious a dog house is, the better the airflow around your dog will be. This improves both your pet’s comfort and quality of life during your absence.

Undoubtedly, one of the most important considerations is the size of your dog and whether it will fit in the dog house you are looking at. The best dog house for your dog will be big enough to walk around and feel comfortable in.

You need to get this right from the start and let the other aspects of your luxury dog ​​house fall into place around it. Size is fundamental to everything else associated with what the consumer should be looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will my pet fit in the doghouse?

Very large dogs do not fit in standard dog houses. Think about how other animals are housed. It’s not a good idea for dogs to easily see each other, so be mindful of the neighbors’ pets.

Check that the house is well ventilated and check the enclosures to make sure your pet has plenty of room to move.

What are the winter benefits of outdoor dog houses?

In winter, a dog house can help prevent hypothermia in dogs and provide protection from rain, snow, wind and extreme temperatures. Having a warm place to cuddle during the brisk winter days can also provide the comfort any dog ​​deserves when training in the yard, according to Williamson.

A dog house can serve as a safety net for those moments when changing weather conditions surprise you.

What are the summer benefits of outdoor dog houses?

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Most air-conditioned dog houses can be a good option for resting between games of fetch on hot summer days to prevent heat stroke in dogs. A dog house should serve as a safe and comfortable place for your dog to temporarily rest outside. A nice, cool dog house can also help keep your yard in tip-top shape.

During the warmer months of the summer, a dog will look for a cool place to lie down and if there aren’t many shady spots in the yard, your dog may be digging holes to try and have cooler ground to go on lying down. This is not ideal for you or your pet.

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