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The 10 Best Plaque Removers for Dogs in 2021!

Toothpaste for pets

products for removing tartar from dogs

The American Kennel Club (AKC) explains “You should never use toothpaste intended for humans. Use only vet-approved dog toothpaste. Check the ingredients list to make sure there is no xylitol. Xylitol May Be Deadly to Dogs.”

If you want to give your furbaby the best chance of healthy gums and teeth, it is essential that they receive regular dental and gum care. Toothpaste specifically designed for pets is another great option when it comes to the best way to clean your dog’s teeth.

These pastes often contain ingredients that help destroy bacteria or plaque on their teeth. They are safe for dogs to ingest – they even come in different flavors so your dog will love them!

It is critical to note that you should only use toothpaste specifically designed for pets, as some brands contain toxic chemicals and other ingredients that are harmful to dogs. So be sure to read the label and check before you buy!

Bacteria and plaque

Bacteria and plaque produce acids that can irritate and inflame your dog’s gums, allowing bacteria to enter his bloodstream through bleeding gums – this can cause heart disease, kidney disease and even liver problems in some cases.

To polish

In addition to brushing your pet’s teeth with a dog toothpaste and brush, knowing how to properly clean his teeth is essential. There are several ways you can easily remove plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth, so let’s take a look at a few: Here’s the takeaway:

Dental rope toys

how to get dental plaque from dog teeth

Dental rope toys are an excellent choice when it comes to choosing the best way to clean your dog’s teeth. Often made from brightly colored cotton fibers, these fun toys are designed to floss and brush your dog’s teeth while chewing.

Rubbing the rope back and forth across their teeth removes plaque in much the same way as if you were doing this yourself.

This is an excellent way to ensure that your pet good oral hygiene while at the same time giving them a healthy toy for them to enjoy. Not only are these toys effective at keeping their teeth clean, but they’re also perfect for playtime – so you can join in the fun too!

dog treats

Homemade dog snacks are a fun and tasty way to treat your pet without compromising oral hygiene. There are tons of dog treat recipes available online, so it’s easy to find one that’s right for your pup.

Many of the most popular recipes include peanut butter dog biscuits, chicken-flavored biscuits, and even greenies (yes, just like humans).

These recipes are easy to follow and can be made quickly, so you have no excuse not to try your hand at making homemade treats! Not only will your four-legged friend love them, but these will help keep your dog’s teeth and gums healthy.

Greenies Dog Treats

Greenies dog treats are a safe and effective way to remove plaque from your pet’s teeth. These fun snacks come in many flavors, so you’ll have no problem finding one they like! Vets have specially designed them to be much healthier than chewing a bone and also to prevent the build-up of tartar.

Although a bit more expensive than the other options, these tasty treats are a fantastic solution to the problem of how to clean your dog’s teeth without brushing them with a toothbrush, paste or buying countless string toys.

They contain much less fat than other snacks and have added vitamins to promote a healthy immune system.

Hard and Bony Treats

remove tartar from dogs teeth

If your dog likes to chew hard and bony treats, these can be an excellent way to not only help clean their teeth, but also massage their gums.

Bones like beef legs can provide a lot of chewing time, perfect for dogs that like this sort of thing. Plus, they can help remove plaque and tartar from your dog’s teeth without the need for brushing or using a toothpaste.

Of course, some dog bones can be harmful if lodged in the throat or swallowed whole, so you need to be very careful when giving your furbaby a bone. While a great way to keep your pup’s teeth clean, they can cause damage if not used correctly.

Toothbrushes and toothpaste for pets

remove dog plaque

Using a toothbrush and dog toothpaste is another good option to help your dog keep their teeth clean. These are especially great for small dogs, but all dogs will benefit from the extra care that comes with a good brushing.

Chew toys for dogs

In addition to bones and toys specifically designed to clean your dog’s teeth, some chew toys can provide the same benefits. Dental toys shaped like bones or with ridges and grooves can help scrub your dog’s teeth as your pup works his way through them.

Chew toys that you can fill with peanut butter, cheese, or other tasty foods are another great option if you want to find the best way to clean your dog’s teeth. Chewing these treats releases flavors that help kill bacteria and plaque, leaving behind fresh breath and a happy pup!

Rawhide bones

While rawhide bones can be a little messy, they’re great for cleaning teeth. Just make sure your dog doesn’t swallow the rawhide, as this can cause blockages.


Bones are a great way to keep your dog’s teeth clean. The best option for this, of course, is to give them rawhide bones or chew toys with ridges and grooves. The chewing motion it takes to get all that delicious marrow down will keep your pup cleaning his teeth all day long!

Electric toothbrush

An electric toothbrush for dogs is a good option because it can make them easier to use. When you brush your dog’s teeth, the movement of the bristles against his teeth provides an excellent massage that stimulates blood flow and helps kill plaque.

Performing the same action but with an electric toothbrush can make it easier for your pet. Keep in mind that dogs have more of a gag reflex than we do, and be careful not to brush hard as this can damage your dog’s gums.

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