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5 Best Dalmatian Breeders in California! (202)

Dalmatian Breeders in California

Are you looking for Dalmatian breeders in California? If you fell in love with”101 dalmatiersAs a child or adult and considering adding a puppy to your family, a Dalmatian may be the perfect dog for you.

While it’s easy to fall in love with that cute face and outgoing energy, it’s always a good idea to get to know the breed before finding your new puppy.

It is also equally important to find a reputable breeder when looking for your new puppy. Here we introduce you to the Dalmatian, discuss reputable breeders, and list the best Dalmatian breeders in California.

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Here’s what you need to know about the Dalmatian

Meet the Dalmatian

Although originally bred to guard horses and carriages, today you can see the Dalmatian atop a fire engine during a parade, as they are known as the fire station mascot. Sitting so gracefully on the fire truck, the Dalmatian can go crazy just as quickly.

They are energetic and love to be active and part of everything you and your family do. However, if you’re looking for a couch potato puppy, this may not be the breed for you. Not only are they very active, but the Dalmatian is also highly intelligent.

For this reason, early obedience training is essential to establish rules of behavior. The standard color of the Dalmatian is white and black or white and liver. However, you can also find white and lemon, white and orange, white, black and tan or white, liver and tan.

The average Dalmatian height is between 19 and 24 inches and they weigh between 45 and 70 pounds. Unfortunately, deafness is common in the Dalmatian breed and can be passed on to puppies. This is why it is critical to find a reputable breeder as they perform DNA testing to rule out the risk of deafness in their litters.

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Why It’s Important To Find A Reputable Dalmatian Breeder In California

Why It's Important To Find A Reputable Dalmatian Breeder In California

In the United States, families are always looking for puppies to add to their family. Unfortunately, this question appeals to puppy breeders or people who just want to make a quick buck selling an expensive puppy.

However, these puppy mills don’t consider the health of their dogs, and many are overbred. In addition, breeding dogs often have genetic health problems that can be passed on to their new puppies.

A reputable breeder, on the other hand, puts the health and well-being of their dogs first. Breeding dogs often undergo DNA testing to rule out possible genetic disorders. In addition, puppies receive veterinary checks and all necessary vaccinations and in many cases come with a health guarantee of 1 to 10 years.

Puppy mills also tend to offer many different breeds or puppies and rarely know much about the breeds they offer. In contrast, a reputable breeder usually focuses on one or a few different dog breeds.

They breed their dogs to improve the breed and they understand the breed inside out. So during your new dog’s life you will have a knowledgeable person to turn to if you ever have any questions.

Dalmatian Puppies for Sale in California

Dalmatian Puppies for Sale in California

Once you’ve decided to add a Dalmatian to your family, the next step is to find a breeder that you bond with. Here we’ve put together a list of five of the best Dalmatian breeders in California to help you start your search.

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1. PuppySpot’s Dalmatians For California

PuppySpot's Dalmatians for California

Since you are looking for Dalmatian breeders in California, PuppySpot would be a useful platform to start with. There are countless Dalmatians and other similar dogs for sale. All Dalmatian breeders on PuppySpot are rigorously screened to ensure nothing unethical happens behind the scenes.

Only a small percentage of dog breeders on this platform are approved, so you don’t have to worry too much about dealing with puppy mills. Before you proceed with your search for a Dalmatian puppy for sale in California, take a few seconds to check out the link below.

PuppySpot Details

2. JGD Fyrehouse Dalmatians

JGD Fyrehouse Dalmatians

Owned and operated by Jolene G. DeGraef, JGD Fyrehouse Dalmatians was established in 2004 to breed for temperament and health. In addition to breeding champion dogs, they also focus on raising assistance dogs.

All breeding dogs are health tested to ensure you get a happy and healthy puppy. They are members of the Dalmatian Club of America, the Dalmatian Club of Southern California, and part of the Central Valley Critiquing Club (CVVC).

JGD Fyrehouse Dalmatians Details

3. Westview Dalmatians

Westview Dalmatians

Based in San Diego, California, Westview Dalmatians have been breeding high-quality, healthy Dalmatians since the 1990s. Health and temperament are their top priority with all of their breeding dogs being tested for possible genetic conditions. All puppies grow up in the house with their families and other pets so they are given family socialization from the get-go.

New puppies are raised with the “puppy culture” system, which makes for well-rounded puppies. They are members of the Dalmatian Club of America, the Dalmatian Club of Southern California, and the Dalmatian Club of San Diego County

Westview Dalmatians Details

4. SpotNmy Heart Dalmatians

Spot my Heart Dalmatians

SPotNmy Heart Dalmatians, based in California, specializes in healthy and happy Dalmatian puppies. They are a HEART Breeder AKC breed which means they take health and breed improvement seriously. In addition, they are members of the Dalmatian Club of American and an Evaluator for Canine Good Citizen and Trick Dog.

In addition to breeding, they also compete in conformation, agility, trick dog and pad dog trials, so they have a wealth of knowledge of the breed. In addition, all of their breeding dogs undergo extensive health testing as they work to improve the breed.

SpotNmy Heart Dalmatians Details

5. Proctor Dalmatians

Proctor Dalmatians

Last on the list of Dalmatian breeders in California is “Proctor Dalmatians.” Proctor Dalmatians is owned by Ken and Eva Berg and is located in Moraga, California. They have been showing and breeding Dalmatians since 1968 and focus on temperament and health in their breeding program.

They have served as board of directors for the Dalmatian Club of America and have played an active role on the DCA Health and Research Committee.

They are founding members of Dalmatians of North America and the Dalmatian Health and Research Institute. As they breed healthy puppies, they also provide a wealth of information about the breed.

Proctor Dalmatians Details

Conclusion for the “Best Dalmatian Breeders in California” Conclusion for the best Dalmatian breeders in California_

Finding Dalmatian breeders in California can be a challenging task for many people. Our team at We Love Doodles did the research and put together a list of breeders for you to check out. You can learn more about any Dalmatian breeder by doing your due diligence. You can view reviews and go with a breeder you are comfortable with.

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